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As I sleep with stars above, My Princess heart is full of love.

We're excited to introduce you to

Our Royal Family!

      The Princesses usually open your party with a song. We bring our own rolling sound system and will play princess music during your princess visit to enhance your party experience. 

     Our microphone will be open if your little princess or her guests want to sing along! 



     We have plenty of games for your guests to play, and they'll love getting to win prizes and picking them out of the treasure chest filled with jewels, toys and candy. 
      There is something for everyone in the treasure chest; we even stock it to interest the boys!  

     Each of our princesses comes with her own hand-made scrapbook to read from.

     We have a special coronation ceremony for the birthday girl with a beautiful keepsake crystal Tiara!

     Our Princesses are not just beautiful, but they are extremely talented vocalists who will charm all your party guests with their songs and cheerful games!
     Princesses from A Face Painting Mom and Columbus Fun Factory are the very best you can hire!

They will make your little Princess's  dream come true!


We can send you: 
The Snow Queen and her Little Sister, the Snow Princess
Princess Beauty  

The Glass Slipper Princess

The Tower Princess


The Sleeping Princess

The Mermaid Princess

The Frog Princess

The Scottish Princess

The Arabian Princess

The Tinker Fairy

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