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Let the beauty you love be what you do.

Our Henna Artists....


What do you get when you combine a serious love for an ancient art form, a desire to be the best at your craft, and all natural ingredients chosen for their potency and stain release?  Us!

Our Henna artists make all their own henna paste and cones, to insure that only the safest, richest, most aromatic paste adorns you.
Whether you're interested in a private party or an individual appointment with one of our Artisans, we can accomodate you. We love our traditional designs, but we're happy to take requests as well.
All henna varies, but our paste generally results in a rich, deep stain that lasts for weeks.

All Natural, traditional Henna.


Henna Tips

  1. Leave paste on as long as possible. You can flake it off, but please don't wash it off, and definitely don't use soap.  

  2. Henna and Heat are friends.  The hotter it is, the less time will be required for the stain-carrying oil to penetrate your skin.  If it's cold out, or you're in air conditioning, consider some synthetic heat like a hair dryer or heating pad after your paste is dry to the touch.

  3. Keep skin dry for the first 24 hours! Cover that orange tinted skin with a thick lotion that will repel water. That orange skin is the stain-carrying oil ....and it's still working!

  4. Things that will make Henna Stain go away faster:
    Soaking in Water (in a tub or pool)
    Friction  (from clothing or other things)
    Exfoliating Scrubs or Tools
    Excessive Washing


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