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Let us Entertain You!

We love what we do!  Honestly, it's the best job in the world.  

We can't wait for you to meet all the weird, wonderful, amazing people we have met and collected over the years.  They will swoop into your event like superheroes and make your guests feel amused, entertained, amazed, and pampered.  Promise!

Caricature Artists
Caricature Artists Columbus Fun Factory

Showcased here is the work of Jason Hay, long time friend of the Columbus Fun Factory, and we have lots of artists to serve you!

We love caricature art, and all the giggles, fun, and good times that go with someone who's great at their job, and comfortable anywhere they go.
Take a look at the art here and give us a call to book Jason or one of our other talented artists today!

Clowns & Silly Performers!

The right clown or silly character can create those priceless photo ops, those memories you'll cherish long after they're grown.  Let us help you find just the right Jester!


Melody the Clown can do facepainting and balloons.



Zippy the Clown can do cheek doodles, simple balloon twists, shows, songs and games!  All you need for a fun, circus style party in one affordable performer!


Our Clown Shows start at $125/hour.  

Contact us for more details!

Which one is right for me?

We love our Clowns & Silly Performers....and we love our Facepainters & Balloon Artists.  So which one is right for you?


If you want:

  • Everyone to have a "little something"

  • non-themed, quick and cute, very small facepaintings

  • One-Balloon Wonders style simple balloons

  • A Clown or Silly dressed Fun Person to perform these services while singing or playing with the children.



You need to hire a Clown or Silly Performer!

If you want:

  • Facepainting that will "wow" your guests & the ability to make special requests

  • Facepaintings or Balloons that match your party theme

  • Multi-balloon, more complex designs and the ability to make special requests

  • Or if you want the main focus of your Entertainer to be the art they are making for you.


You need to hire a Facepainter or Balloon Artist!

Some of our Clowns are also Facepainters,

Balloon Twisters, & Tattoo Artists!

Clowns Columbus Fun Factory

But that's not all, folks!

Meet Dean Bohl & Chester!

Dean and Chester have won the hearts of children and adults alike with their one of a kind, family oriented performances!

Dean is also a Clown, Magician, and Balloon Artist!

Check out Dean and Chester on, on Facebook, or in the video links below and book them for your next event!

Dean Bohl
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